Signs that you are Falling into Depression

Depression can be defined as a state of aversion and low mood that can affect your behavior, sense of well-being, and feelings. It can cause severe symptoms, which affect the way you think, feel, and even handle daily activities. A lot of people feel depressed and anxious at times because of the situations they are facing in life.

Unfortunately, a continuous state of depression can result in severity. It is estimated that over 20 million Kenyans are suffering from depression. It is not a must to use drugs to overcome depression. The following are some signs that indicate you are suffering from depression.

Loss of interest

In this case, you will lose interest in your daily activities. You do not care about social activities or hobbies. In fact, you do not care about everything that your life is all about. This is because nothing brings joy or pleasure to you.ed4444 depression


This means you are persistently criticizing yourself for former mistakes and perceived faults. In fact, you do not value yourself and even feel you are to blame for each situation you face.

Feeling of hopelessness and helplessness

In this case, you feel like there is nothing to give. In fact, nothing gets better, and even all the hope is lost. It appears that this situation is here forever and there seems nothing can be done to improve your situation.

Loss of energy

You will find that carrying out even smallest mistakes are going to be quite exhausting. This is because you feel physically drained and fatigued most of the time. This is an indication of falling into depression. The daily activities which you are involved in take a lot of time to complete because of exhaustion.

Problem in concentrating

Engaging and focusing on your environment starts to become a serious problem. This will lead to forgetting things and having trouble to make decisions. Your inability to concentrate is likely to make you a depressed person.

Changes in sleep

This is likely to involve drastic changes in the sleep pattern or insomnia. It can also result in oversleeping. You are likely to have problems oversleeping or lack of sleep. You can also feel sleepy when you should be awake, particularly during the daytime.3w2 sleep depression


This is a feeling of impending danger, even when there is no reason at all. Depression leads to anxiety.